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Working with Financial Documents
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If someone were interested in buying your law firm today, assuming you were interested, and they asked you how your firm was performing financially, what would you tell them? Would you be able to elaborate beyond good or bad? If so, how much would you be able to elaborate? Would you be able to quickly and intelligently identify the firms strengths and weaknesses to keep them interested. Could you really wow them and discuss your revenues, costs, margins and profits to give the buyer the confidence that your business really is worth buying? If they asked to see your business plan, what would you show them?

Hopefully, this thought provoking hypothetical generated some reflection on where it is you are in your business. Now, our goal is not to train you to sell your business to a stranger when they ask you random financial questions about your business. Or, even to know the answer to these questions off the top of your head. However, we do want you to have a plan in place and we do want you to be able to point to it, should anyone ask. 

Business owners come to us with all kinds of plans, and no plans at all. No matter what your plan is, or lack thereof, we want to see it through the Unravel Legal lens. In the best case scenarios, we give even the best and most successful business plans a different way to look at things. At worst, we let you know your plan doesn't look great and we will build a new one, together. ​

You may now be wondering what do we do? First, we provide you a short questionnaire to fill out. Next, we take those answers and run them through our formulas. After, we show you the results and discuss with you any gaps in your current plan. At the conclusion of this process, you will have a better understanding of your business and be well suited to build a better one. Should you feel so inclined to build one with us, we would be happy to do so. 

Existing Business Plan Assessment: Text


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