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This Package may be the most powerful of the group. With this, we will routinely track what is happening in the firm in real-time, at a frequency the firm is comfortable. We will take this real-time data and use our proprietary formulas to project results for your desired timeframe. We will compare these projections to your firm's goals, analyze the variances, and collaborate on adjustments should they be necessary.

This Package is great for making sure your business plan is coming together as designed. As things happen in life, adjustments need to be made. Throughout a firm's lifetime, staff will be fired, new staff will be hired, and staff will underperform and overperform. The firm's business plans should change through it all, and it is here where you will find your answers.

For example:

When hiring a new employee, a firm should ask: Are we hiring at the right price? Is our desired individual margin still there at our offering? If we go up in price to get them, how much does that hurt our margin? Do we have them billing enough hours at this bill rate? What does this hire do to our overall bottom line?

When firing an employee, a firm should ask: Are we losing money on this employee's performance? What does this employee's departure do for our revenue goals? Do we have the capacity to make up their hours if the loss in revenue is significant? Who might fill that void? What does their departure do to our costs? Is the savings significant? Is this firing worth it financially?

Again, the best way to ensure a plan is going according to plan is by monitoring and updating it in as real-time as possible. It's here, with this Package, that you can give the firm the best chance of maintaining maximum profitability.

New Business Plan Analysis & Projections: Text


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