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This Package offers the most incredible peace of mind and is guaranteed to provide better sleep. The goal is for the firm owner to understand their cash flow. To eliminate the stress of guessing if you will make payroll, if the owner can pay himself, or if you will have enough cash to pay rent. This exercise is designed for the firm to understand its cash position in both the short term, month over month, and long term, year over year. Having this understanding will help the firm make better business decisions because the firm will know if it has the cash on hand to do what it desires. As they say, cash is king. Knowing your cash flow will let you know when you need to worry or not. And as you know, all your most significant expenses, such as payroll, rent, and insurance, must be paid in cash.

Here, we will be plugging in and analyzing your revenue and costs. Additionally, we will include the firm's account balances to represent the firm's actual cash position accurately.

This Package gives the peace of mind to such questions as:

Are you anticipating a big aging payment? Plug it in. Are you going to lose a big client that usually pays well? Plug it in. Is this a three-payroll month? Plug it in. See how all these scenarios change your account balances and if you need to worry about your cash position. Here we give peace of mind by knowing well beforehand if something will be a problem long before it becomes one.

Cash Flow Review & Analysis: Text


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